About Us

Yard Groomers

Yard Groomers is operated by Toowoomba Region locals, husband and wife team Leon and Heather Boughton. Leon and Heather have built Yard Groomers D.N.A on nothing less than the following principles: quality, honesty, security and prompt service.

Both Leon and Heather are passionate about supplying only the best service to their clients and expect nothing less from their staff. Therefore they spend the time to make sure their staff are properly trained, the equipment is regularly maintained, and that they are on the cutting edge when it comes to knowledge about yard care and maintenance.

Yard Groomers specialises in servicing almost everything you may require to keep your yard perfect, from the simple lawn mow through to a complete lawn and garden makeover. Whatever your yard needs are, feel free to give us a call. If it’s not one of our listed services, we may still be able to do it for you, from designing a new garden to making that perfect pathway.

Leon Boughton

Leon is a true blue Queenslander, family man, chicken lover and passionate gardener originally from Mackey. As well as being a lifelong gardener, Leon has enjoyed careers in dairy farming, free range egg production, and construction where he is a qualified builder.

Leon’s career path has made him one of the most well rounded gardeners around. Leon started gardening early, in fact his parents would say that once he could walk you would find him in one of two places, the garden or with the chickens.

As a Yard Groomer Leon brings years of experience to the team in regards to general gardening, lawn care, fertilising, weed control and garden pest management through knowledge gained in his own garden, the agricultural industry and a continued love of study.

Heather Boughton

Heather is originally from California USA where she grew up gardening with her family. She is naturally artistically gifted and has graduated with both fine art and applied art degrees. Heather is a graphic designer, artist and avid gardener with experience in landscape design. Her artistic ability and knowledge of plants combine to create beautiful gardens and landscapes.

Heather was working in Sacramento for a few years as a graphic designer when she met Leon. After their marriage, Heather made Australia her home. Now, Heather is the mum of little Talitha, Yard Groomers’ newest office staff member. 

As the office manager, Heather is dedicated to our customers and making sure that Yard Groomers is always on time to deliver the very best. She also runs the blog on our Yard Groomers website where she shares her knowledge of lawn and garden care.


Talitha Boughton

Meet our newest office staff member!

Talitha is young, energetic and naturally talented in the area of public relations and marketing.

She joined us here at Yard Groomers at the start of the new year 2019 and we have enjoyed her pleasant company and assistance immensely. We look forward to working with her for many years to come.

Keep an eye on our blog, you just might see Talitha’s sweet face popping up doing what she does best.


Our Commitment to Quality and Courtesy

Our Staff

At Yard Groomers, we try to hire only the most courteous and honest people. If they are not knowledgeable when we hire them, then they are trained by one of our professionals until they have proven a high level of competency.

Our Commitment to Keeping Your Property and Family Safe.

Your property and your family are valuable to you and we respect that. Therefore, we require all our staff which regularly enter private residences not only undergo a national police check as part of their hiring process, but also apply for a Working with Children Blue Card before they are allowed to enter any property.

Our Quality Service

Yard Groomers is dedicated to providing the very best quality possible. We keep our equipment in top condition to provide the best results. After the work is done, each job is inspected for quality assurance. We are also dedicated to customer satisfaction. We listen to your wishes and instructions for your yard and if we are unsure of anything, we will verify with you before starting your project. Yard Groomers will do our very best to leave your property looking clean. We don’t want to put up with coming home to grass clippings all over the footpaths or the contents of the gutter on the driveway, so neither should you. We also consider it a basic courtesy to always close the gate when we leave, unless you ask us not to. Your wishes are important to us.

We are always looking for more ways to improve our service. Please let us know what you look for most in your lawn care company and we will see how we can help be that company for you.

How We Began

As a child Leon would always find ways of creating a garden around his home, incorporating flowers, greenery, and terraces. Before starting Yard Groomers in Toowoomba Leon was a builder with his family’s construction business and would often take much delight in the finishing touches of the yards of the new homes. After the family construction business moved to NSW and was well established there, Leon returned to Queensland and dabbled in various areas of construction. He traveled to America for a four month training course and there met his wife Heather. Heather is a graphic designer, artist and avid gardener with experience in landscape design. Once the two were settled on the Darling Downs, it didn’t take long for them to decide that Leon would change careers to their mutual love of lawns and gardens. 

The two spent weeks pouring over names for the business. It was almost as difficult as choosing a name for a child. What wasn’t already taken was usually not quite right. Heather would come up with names that just wouldn’t work out well in Australia such as Yard Squirrels. Other names included Classy Grass, which didn’t cover the full scope of what they wanted to do. Eventually Yard Groomers was thought of and both Leon and Heather fell in love with the name and the concept it conveyed. They would create their company to provide their clients with the beauty and comfort they both loved in a well maintained and well groomed yard.

They both agreed that quality service and gentle courtesy would characterise the company. It was also very important to them that their clients felt safe with Yard Groomers and so every protection possible was put into place from the very start. Blue cards and police background checks were set in place as a requirement of all full time employees. Also the most secure and convenient payment methods possible were implemented. Only high quality equipment was purchased to ensure the best quality results.

Leon now manages the company and enjoys the satisfaction he gets from working on the lawns and gardens of Toowoomba. Heather not only enjoys Leon’s new level of fitness, but also maintains the graphics needs, website, and employee schedules. She is also the primary contact for Yard Groomers clients.