There seems to be two major concerns in the eastern parts of Australia at the moment: drought and bushfires. As we all remember, not that long ago there was the bushfire just north of Toowoomba near Highfields. This fire took many weeks to contain, four homes were lost and hundreds got evacuated. This fire took thousands of volunteer man hours to get under control before they even started to think about containment. This subject has been on our minds and hearts for quite some time.

As we drove through various parts of Toowoomba, especially the outskirts of East Toowoomba, we noticed that many properties are dangerously flammable. There are dead trees, brush, and leaves everywhere. A simple ciggarette carelessly tossed could start a fire so hot and fast that large parts of Toowoomba would be put at risk. We may not all be able to join the volunteer fire brigade or fireproof all of Toowoomba and surrounds, but there is something we can all do. We can help reduce the risk to our beloved Garden City by cleaning up the dead and dry plant matter in our yards.

There are dead trees, brush, and leaves everywhere.

Here at Yard Groomers, we are putting a lot of our focus into fire safety awareness and prevention. We are offering major yard cleanups which include removal of dead trees, shrubs, brush, leaves, rubbish piles as well as our basic lawn mowing, whipper snip, hedging and pruning. Our goal is to remove as much of the tinder and fuel as possible from the Toowoomba area and take it to the tip to be processed.