Where’d We Go?

Our blog has been a bit quiet lately and you might have been wondering why. Well our blog writer (me) has just had a brand new baby! So I’ve been out of it for a bit prior to and after the birth. However, I have so many things to write about I can hardly wait! Keep an eye out for brand new content that covers topics such as getting quality new turf and how to keep those pesky snakes out of your lawn. Now to the most exciting part! Let me introduce you to our most precious and brand new staff member!

Talitha Renee Boughton

Talitha joined us here at Yard Groomers at the very start of the new year 2019 and we have enjoyed her pleasant company and assistance immensely. She is young, energetic and naturally talented in the area of public relations and marketing. We look forward to working with her for many years to come.

One of her jobs at Yard Groomers is modeling for advertising and blog posts. She is an expert at showing just how comfortable a fresh well looked after lawn can be and reminds us all about our carefree days stretched out on that lovely green grass. Is your lawn looking good enough to snooze on? If not, then hire Yard Groomers to fix or replace your lawn so you can look forward to that wonderful siesta time outdoors.

Talitha also provides company and plenty of smiles and happiness around the home office. Now that she’s becoming more and more comfortable with her new working environment, she’s proving to be quite the character. From testing her vocal range while “singing,” to her entertaining facial expressions and acrobatics, Talitha provides an endless round of daily excitement. She also keeps me on a pretty tight schedule throughout the day. “Ok mum, it’s time to get back to work! How’s that turf post going? You had me pose for that ages ago.” “Yes Talitha, I love you too…”