Lawn Mowing

Yard Groomers provides top quality lawn mowing services.
Included in our Lawn Mowing service is whipper snipping,
edging and grass removal.


From a simple trim to taming a wild
jungle, Yard Groomers will take on
your hedge and make it sing!


The team here at Yard Groomers enjoys landscaping above all else.
Nothing beats the joy of seeing new plants off to a good start,
whether it’s a new hedge or bright new flowers in the garden bed.

Turf Laying

Did your lawn die during the drought?
Yard Groomers can install your new lawn.

Tree Removal

Many beautiful trees have unfortunately died this year.
Others are just growing in the wrong place.
Yard Groomers will remove any small tree on your property.

Rubbish Removal

Got rubbish? Yard Groomers does dump runs!
Click the button below for rates and fees.

Toowoomba Lawn Mowing and more.

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Lawn Care Blog

Check out our Lawn Care blog to get helpful tips on how to grow that perfect

Toowoomba lawn using both traditional and organic lawn care systems.

Our Newest Staff Member Welcome Talitha

Our Newest Staff Member Welcome Talitha

Where'd We Go? Our blog has been a bit quiet lately and you might have been wondering why. Well our blog writer (me) has just had a brand new baby! So I've been out of it for a bit prior to and after the birth. However, I have so many things to write about I can...

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How to Preserve Your Lawn During Drought

How to Preserve Your Lawn During Drought

"Yard Groomers provides lawn replacement and establishment services."Grass Types Some grasses require more water than others, so if you live in Toowoomba, the Darling Downs, or any area that is suffering from drought, you will want to select a drought tolerant variety...

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Top Dressing: The Key to a Better Lawn

Top Dressing: The Key to a Better Lawn

What is Top Dressing? Top Dressing is where soil is added to your yard to fill in any dips and holes, even out the surface, and add fresh nutrients to the lawn. Benefits of Top Dressing Water Efficiency A nice even lawn is the most desirable as it helps make the lawn...

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