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If your looking for help in the garden look no forther than your local Yard Groomer.

Yard Groomers Lawn & Garden service offers  

New Gardens


Garden Resteration

Is your garden in need of some major TLC but you don’t have the time? Its ok, Yard Groomers can help with bringing your garden back to its former glory with our Gardening service. Yard Groomers Gardeners can weed, prune, dig, and clean-up any garden. We can re-design, prepare and plant your new and old gardens to any style, such as English, Rose,  Tropical, or Drought tolorant rock gardens.

 So why not call your local Yard Groomer for a free quote today.

Hedge Pruning

Its not hard for us to all agree that a quality maintained hedge looks much better than a Colorbond Fence or a rundown old timber fence, but just like anything in the garden an unmaintained hedge can become not only messy, scrappy, ugly, it can become troublesome also. But don’t stress as your local Yard Groomer can help with regular pruning that will keep it not only looking good but will get it looking even better all the time.

There is no need to be despondent with that over grown hedge as Yard Groomers can also get that out of control hedge back under control, tamed and trained so why not call us today and get your free hedging quote.

New Hedges

Looking to plant a new hedge, Yard Groomers can help with everything from planning, planting and maintaining any hedge. 

Yard Groomers has deals in place to buy quality, sun grown plans from local wholesale nurseries at competitive prices. so why not start planing your new Murraya, Red Robin, Camellia hedge today, or maybe something else less commen like a Lilly Pilly, Clumping Bamboo, Bottle Brush, Magnolia hedge. Whatever the hedge you want Yard Groomers can help with the planting of new hedges.     



With the summers getting hoter and dryer aswell as the winters getting colder its more important than ever to mulch your garden. Yard Groomers Mulching Service uses only the best quality mulches avalible at afforbable prices as we buy in bulk.

Yard Groomers can supply the following: Tea Tree Mulch, Barck Mulches, Hardwood Chips, Forest Mulch, Pine Chip, Softlanding Bark, Aussie Red Woodchip and Pecan Shell.




Don’t have time to weed that garden? Don’t worry, your local Yard Groomer can help. Yard Groomers Gardening service can take care of all your Weeding needs as well as Lawn Mowing, Pruning, Flower Planting, and more. When you call Yard Groomers Gardening Service your knees, back and hands will thank you immediately.

Why not call Yard Groomers today for your obligation free weeding quote today and start enjoying your garden again.

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