What is Top Dressing?

Top Dressing is where soil is added to your yard to fill in any dips and holes, even out the surface, and add fresh nutrients to the lawn.

Benefits of Top Dressing

Water Efficiency

A nice even lawn is the most desirable as it helps make the lawn more water efficient and drought tolerant. When the lawn is full of hills and valleys, the water runs off the hills and pools in the valleys leaving the hill sections more prone to drying out and dying while the valleys suffocate from over watering. With a level surface it is far easier to maintain lawn health through even watering.

Clean Even Mow

An even lawn also ensures an even cut when your lawn is mowed. Low spots in your lawn can be caused by a number of different things such as animals, pests and minor vehicle damage, especially in areas where the postman drives through. When the lawn mower wheels run over sudden dips and pits in the yard, the blades get lower to the ground and the grass can be cut shorter than the recommended height for optimum health. Top dressing can help fill in these low spots and ensure a clean even mow.

Feeds Your Lawn

A good top dressing mix will contain nutrient rich organic matter which feeds your lawn and helps it to grow lush and vibrant green. At Yard Groomers we only use the varieties of top dressing mix that are best suited to your soil and lawn care needs.

Best Time of Year to Top Dress

The best time of year to top dress your lawn is during spring before the weather becomes too hot. Also you want to top dress the yard while the grass is most likely to be growing. So between August through to early November is the most optimum time depending on rainfall.